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Makena - Your Dream House

Makena Singapore Housing Types

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A) Housing and Development Board (HDB)
The Housing and Development Board (HDB) is a common feature of Singapore real estate listings in Singapore with more than 80% of Singaporeans living in public housing. Purchases of HDB flats are restricted to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. For the HDB flat classification system, please note that the living room is counted as 1 room. Please refer to the HDB website for more information.

- 2 Rm (2 room HDB Flat). 1 bedroom with a built-in area of about 45 sq m or 485 sq ft.
- 3 Rm (3 room HDB Flat). 2 bedrooms with a built-in area of about 70 sq m or 754 sq ft.
- 4 Rm (4 room HDB Flat). 3 bedrooms with a built-in area of about 90 sq m or 969 sq ft.
- 5 Rm (5 room HDB Flat). 3 bedrooms with a built-in area of about 110 sq m or 1,184 sq ft.
- EA (Executive Apartment). 3/4 bedrooms with built-in area of about 150 sqm or 1,615 sqft.
- EM (Executive Mansionette). Same as Executive apartment, except it has two levels.
- 6 Rm (6 room HDB Flat). Jumbo flat joint by two 3 room flats

B) Condominium / Private Apartment
Private apartments and condominiums come in various sizes from as small as 500 sq ft to 8,000 sq ft. The units in private residential projects range from studio, 1, 2, 3 and 4-bedroom units to penthouses. Residents, both Singaporeans and foreigners, share a common compound and facilities such as clubhouse, playgrounds, gymnasium, swimming pools, tennis courts and BBQ pits. Most condominiums also come with 24-hour security surveillance and intercom systems.

- Condominiums (Condos). Apartment with facilities, where title to the estate is shared (strata title).
- Duplex. Apartment divided into two living residences, having separate entrances.
- High rise Apartment). Usually with no facilities.
- Walk-up (Low rise Apartment). Usually with no facilities.
- Mansionette. Apartment with two levels, double storey. 
- Penthouse. Biggest unit in a condo or apartment block. Usually on top floor and two levels.
- TownHouse. Landed house that shares the same compound or facilities (if any).

C) Landed Property
Conventional landed property on Singapore real estate listings refer to houses which come with private garden compounds and/or garages. Please note that the Singapore Government has imposed restrictions on foreign ownership of private residential property in Singapore.
Please refer to the Singapore Land Authority website for more information.

- Bungalow. Free standing house with no shared wall with others except the fence.
- Semi Detached. A pair of houses, two houses joint side by side.
- Inter Terrace (Intermediate Terrace House). A row of houses joint side by side.
- Corner Terrace (Corner Terrace House). The last house of the row of houses.

D) Others
- Colonial House, Bungalow: Houses built in the pre-war British colonial times. 
- Conservation House, Shop House: Houses or Shop Houses that are marked for conservation. 
- Black and White House: Houses built in the pre-war British colonial times, usually with white external walls with wood support painted in black. 
- Heritage House: House constructed with a touch of Asian heritage and culture, Balinese concept and loved by expatriates.

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