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Makena - Your Dream House

Makena Culture & Entertainment

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Top on the recreation popularity list in Singapore is movie going. Cinemas are located all over the island and screen mostly English (American and British) titles. Certain cinemas cater to a specific market with Chinese and Bollywood (Indian) movies. Recently, due to the influx of foreigners from the region, Thai and Tagalog movies being screened are on the rise.

There are 4 major theatre organisations (listed below) as well as many other smaller theatres that showcase Asian cinema. All theatres are air-conditioned and serve food. Yet, you are not allowed to bring in your own food.

It is always a good idea to purchase or reserve movie tickets in advance, especially for newly released titles. Current films playing at all cinemas are listed daily in the The Straits Times “Life” section.


A full range of nightlife options exist in Singapore from karaoke pubs and Irish pubs to high concept lounges and internationally renowned clubs. In most cases, few establishments last more than a year or two but against this rapidly evolving landscape, a few have managed to remain in the limelight. These include Zouk, an internationally renowned club that boasts of frequent appearances from the top acts in the clubbing scene, Bar None at Marriot Hotel that has an active live music scene, and Harry’s Bar at Boat Quay which is the place to go to for live jazz music.

For complete local nightlife listings, check out IS magazine; a free fortnightly publication that is available at many coffee places, bars and restaurants.


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