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:: Singapore Healthcare
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  Singapore Healthcare

Well respected in throughout the region, Singapore’s healthcare system is excellent with specialists to be found in every field. Both private and government hospitals are equipped with the most up-to-date diagnostic technology. This makes Singapore a major biomedical hub of the region as well as a popular destination for “medical tourists”. Pharmaceuticals are available from numerous outlets including supermarkets, department stores, clinics, pharmacies, and shopping centres.

For more information on healthcare in Singapore, visit the Ministry of Health website at

Recommended Immunisations for Singapore
• Diphtheria/Tetanus
• Hepatitis A
• Hepatitis B
• Typhoid
• Adult Polio

Singaporeans and PR holders must contribute 20% of their monthly income to the Central Provident Fund (CPF) and thus, are also required to contribute to Medisave. Medisave contributions range from 6-8% of the 20%. Medisave partially covers hospitalisation expenses, medicines and rehabilitative services. For more information, please visit


  Emergency Care
Ambulances: Dial 995 for any medical emergencies.

A Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) emergency ambulance will transport the patients to the nearest government hospital or if the transportation time is minimal, the government hospital of choice. They will not bring patients to private hospitals. SCDF ambulances average an 11-minute response time.

Non-Emergency Ambulance Services

Look in the Singapore Yellow Pages for a complete listing of non-emergency ambulance services to provide transportation to and from the hospital. Use these services in cases where the patient is discharged from the hospital and is unable to travel by car or taxi. If you are using a private hospital, you may call the hospital for an ambulance. Response times for private ambulances average about 30 minutes.

Hospital Admissions
You will need identification as well as a guarantee of payment prior to admission (passport or identification card, doctor’s referral letter and deposit). If you are Singaporean or a PR and if you choose to use Medisave to pay, you will need to sign an authorisation form. If the patient is not the Medisave account holder, you will need documents to verify the patient’s relationship to the account holder.

Medik Awas (Medic Alert programme)
The Medik Awas programme’s aim is to alert medical personnel to drug allergies and medical conditions through identification cards. You can register for this 24-hour service, with a one-time fee and one passport sized photo, at most hospitals and clinics. For more information, visit the website at or call them on 6223 1264.

Drug & Poison Information Centre: Dial 6423 9119
Located at the Singapore General Hospital, this is a 24-hour telephone consultation service that can assist with diagnosing and treating drug overdoses and poisonings. Visit for more information.


  Medical Facilities - Government Hospitals

  Medical Facilities - Private Hospitals

  Medical Specialists
All doctors are required by law to register with the Singapore Medical Council. For a complete list of registered doctors and specialists, please visit:
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